Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious video - Watch this video to learn more about the Delicious bookmarking system.

Delicious site - Go to the Delicious site to set up an account!


Free Certificates - Personalize and then print certificates!

Graphic Organizers - Create and print customized graphic organizers!

Handy Utilities

Online Stopwatch - A stopwatch and count-down timer for your large screen.

Random Name Pickerh - Randomly choose a name from a fun interface!

BibMe - An easy way to keep track of resources and create a bibliography.


Time-saving Shortcuts - A list of some of the shortcuts you may want to try.

Application Cheat Sheets - Printable shortcuts for MS Office and Browsers.

Organizational Tools

Fur.ly - easily navigate a group of web pages

Web List - same as Fur.ly but requires a login and allows you to edit links.

Evernote - will allow you to organize notes, ideas, pictures, text, and more. Can access your info from any computer and from most smart phones.

TimeSaving Tools

Ge.tt - easily share a file with others

FileDropper - another file-sharing option

Tiny URL - shorten a long URL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Personal TimeSavers

Password Manager for Mac - Keeps track of all of your logins!

SplashID - Password Manager for PC - Keeps track of all of your logins!

TripIt - Creates an itinerary for your travel.

WheresMyCellPhone.com - Lose your phone? Make it ring with this tool!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Productivity Tools

Vocaroo - record and then email or embed an audio file

Sketchcast - record and embed a sketch plus audio!

Google & PowerPoint

Google Search Tips & Tricks - Google is MUCH more than just a search engine. Use it as a calculator, a dictionary, and even to find PowerPoint Presentations.

Also check out iGoogle and Blogger - two other great time-saving tools from Google!

Pete's PowerPoint Station - Check out this resource for PowerPoint presentations and templates!


Welcome to my Technology TimeSavers blog. This blog was created to use in hands-on training. The time-saving tools will be revealed a few at a time throughout the training. You may need to refresh this page as new posts become available.